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Skype Session with Swami Govindananda Ji

Join us for a Meet-n-Greet Skype session with Swami Govindananda on 23rd March!

We are delighted to inform you that RMS will be holding a live video SkypeSession with Swami Ji at our premises on 23 March 2014 (Sunday) during our Satsang.

Swami Ji wishes to reconnect with you all and say a Big Hello!! .  He has personally advised us to convey you this message and grace this session by your presence. It is a great opportunity to meet up with Swami Ji and take our inward journey of happiness and peace to the next level.

Programme Highlights

10.30-11.30 AM:
11.30-12.00 PM:
12.00-12.20 PM:
12.20-12.40 PM:
12.40-01.00 PM:
01.00 PM:

Devotional Chanting
Video Talk by Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj
Talk by Swami Ji via Skype
Questions & Answers with Swami Ji
Devotional Chanting & Aarti

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