Swami Maheshvaranand Ji

Swami Maheshvaranand Ji (Swami Ji) is a senior Disciple of Jagadgurutam Shri Kripalu Mahaprabhu, world’s fifth Jagadguru and founder of Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat (JKP). A leader of Radha Govind Society (RGS) in Trinidad, New York, Florida and Canada, he has 30 years experience of spreading the philosophy of Bhakti to sincere seekers on the part to God realization through thousands of discourses. Swami Ji’s soothing chanting, practical advice and stories from the scriptures create an engaging and conducive environment for growth and introspection.

Swami Ji was born and raised in Trinidad. He was born to a well respected Brahmin family. His grandfather was a revered Pandit. Pandit Ramdhanie from Welcome in central Trinidad.

Swami Ji studied Panditai under the Guidance of Senior Pandit Parasram from Mc. Bean Village, Couva. As a youth growing up in Trinidad he was always actively involved with uplifting Hinduism by assisting several communities to raise funds for constructing Mandirs, he also conducted Hindi Classes at various venues. He has has had very successful careers as Engineer and Secondary School teacher, however he was still disenchanted with the world. He knew that there must be a greater purpose to his life than daily mundane existence. He resigned his job and journeyed to India in search of this greater happiness. He enrolled with the Sampurnaanand Sanskrit Vishwa Vidhyalaya in Varanasi and began studying sanskrit

In the year 1988 as his good fortune would have it, he visited the Ashram of Shri Kripalu Mahaprabhu. After meeting with him and spending just a short time there he realized that he had found his true spiritual master under whose guidance he would find true happiness. He was accepted into his fold and Under his guidance Swami Ji mastered the intricate secrets of all the various sacred texts.