Seven Mindsets for Success in Life – By Swami Mukundananda

We are pleased to announce that Swami Mukundananda Ji will be back in Singapore in February 2017 to give a series of talks.

The one word that gives the most joy and satisfaction is “success.” It remains elusive to some despite a lifetime of efforts, while success is easily achieved by others. How do they do it? Swami Ji will share in this series of talks that the critical difference lies not in our talents and abilities, but in our mindsets. Properly focused mindsets are our best friends; otherwise they become our biggest enemies. The best part is this – anyone can have such a mindset! You do not require external resources since they must be developed from within.

Swami Ji will teach the technique for equipping ourselves with mindsets for experiencing peace and joyous success in our material and spiritual life. Through simple and clear explanations peppered with humorous examples, you will learn:

  • The art of training the mind to tap on the latent power in it
  • To find the motivation for inspired living
  • To take charge of your life and make the right choices to forge your destiny
  • To practice positivity – Teach your mind to release the past and live in the moment
  • Stress free living through Karm Yog
  • How to leap frog to success through the power of belief and connecting with a Guru
  • How to cultivate the power of discipline to achieve self-transformation

Date: 17 – 23 February 2017

Time: 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM, everyday

Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple Hall (Level 3),
141 Serangoon Road, Singapore 218042
Near Little India MRT (Exit E)

Admission Is Free! Talks in English

For any information on the talks
Contact: 9275 8900 (Sandhya), 9721 3663 (Rajesh)

About Swami Mukundananda Ji

Swami Ji is an international teacher of Spirituality, Yoga and Meditation based in USA . By qualification he is an Engineering and a MBA graduate from two of the world renowned institutions, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) respectively.

He has been travelling worldwide inspiring people and sharing the profound Vedic wisdom in a simple, modern and humorous manner required for a living a healthier , happier and successful life in this fast pace Digital world.

His programs and talks appeal to the common mass, intelligentsia, professionals, and academicians alike. He has spoken at various Fortune 500 companies such as Google and Oracle. For the youth, he has conducted programs at prestigious universities such as Princeton, Stanford, Yale, MIT, Duke, and Kellogg.

For more information visit :

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