Shri Krishna Janmashtami 2014 Updates

Krishna Janmashtami 2014

Singapore August 16th 2014: From “Festival of Joy” to “Celebration of Love”

More than 450 guests came for the celebration of Janmasthami or the Birth of Lord Krishna, organized by Radha Madhav Santsang at the Singapore Khalsa Association in the evening of the 16th of August 2014.

The organizing committee at Radha Madhav Satsang (RMS), a registered Singapore charity, can rejoice because their efforts paid beyond expectations. For the celebration of Janmashatmi or the birthday of Krishna, they prepped up for 400 guests but reached an unexpected 450 and at the end, even had to turn down people. The premises of the local Khalsa Association were packed with elegant and cheerful guests. For more details visit our BLOG.

For more photos of the event CLICK here.

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