Weekly workshop sessions are held to cover the various topics from the “Philosophy of Divine Love”.

Divine Love Philosophy Workshop
Divine Love Philosophy Workshop
Key highlights of workshop
  • Opportunity to revise as well as learn more on the philosophy that Swami ji had explained during his talks.  We will do this through sharing and discussing the basic principles as discussed in the Philosophy of Divine Love. This book contains the essence of the Vedas in a very easy to understand manner.  Answers all your main questions on spirituality
  • Opportunity to clarify your doubts through question and answer sessions
  • Practice Visualisation through guided meditation sessions. Based on audio recordings of Swamiji.  Similar to what had been done at the Workshop
  • Learn how to structure your practical meditation session and do it in the comfort of your home
Time: 7.30-9.00 pm @ Radha Kunj, 43 Cuff Road

The workshop group will also serve as a support group to support and encourage all on their spiritual journey.

All are encouraged to come forward and participate join this workshop.  For more details please contact Navraj (9796 0596) or Naina (9455 9057)

Branch of Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat